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Logistic and Transportation

Jai Shri Karni Transport > Logistic and Transportation

Jai Shri Karni transport holds prominence with respect to logistics and transportation services. We understand the critical nature of this job and can take care of all legal aspects related to movement of things from one point to another.
Our team maintains a holistic balance by providing complete management of all formalities related to movement of goods. We aim to create the best value by operating within existing networks of the customers and enhancing their potential to the highest level. Our service package under this category includes:

  • Liasioning & consultancy services
  • Goods warehousing & distribution.
  • Custom brokerage services
  • Insurance
  • Freight forwarding.

We have evolved higher with every passing day and still trying to move forward in this domain.  Our values reflect expectations we have and accomplish the task in hand with strong may rely on us for services needing innovation and highest quality. This is how we have developed long term business relationship with our customers.